Saturday, December 13, 2008

1 week post PCP.....

Well one week post PCP and I can't bring myself to eat all the junk that I used to, and I also can't get out of the jump rope habit!My day is not complete without a spot of jumping. Actually it feels good to be doing it for enjoyment, rather than feeling I have to. 
I am really enjoying my new toned and fit self. I can slip easily into all my old old clothes, and have bags of energy, which is just as well , since tomorrow morning I have a 12 hr flight to UK with 3 kids. I've been a mad baker this week, with all the Christmas parties. The first thing I made was my yummy mince pies, which were so good and really get me into the mood for Christmas. 
I have many plans for 2009 -running with Jodi perhaps, yoga, and to keep going with the healthy PCP food for the whole family. It really has done everyone a lot of good to focus on what we eat, and to eat mainly fresh produce - less packets of stuff. I'm still eating my egg & veggies for breakfast, even though my kids insist that I don't need to now. I actually like it!
My last day photos amazed me, mainly because I don't spend much time looking at myself in the mirror, especially my back. I wouldn't recognize me from behind!
So thank you Patrick - it worked on me. And the other Hamamamas are all looking great. I hope we can all keep going with our new lifestyles - after enjoying a fantastic Christmas and New Year of course.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Can't believe it's over. It seemed a bit daunting back in September, but it has become part of life - all those exercises and healthy food. I don't think I can give it up . It's been great doing it with Maki and Munisha. We've all done really amazing things to our bodies. Walking behind you girls on the way to school, you both look gorgeous. It's only when I see how someone else has changed so much that I can see it in myself too. I see myself too often to really notice the change! 
And thank you Corry for all your encouragement. You were the inspiration to start with, and your Wed. class has been loads of fun ( and a little pain).I hope we've been good PCP pupils for you!
Had a lovely dinner last night in Tokyo with Darren and my 3 very hungry children. They expected me to go mad I think - but I couldn't make it to dessert, and felt way to full with what I did manage. The glass (1) of Champagne went  down a treat though!
Off to do some jump rope now !

Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 89- one more day!

I am feeling very tired this week - caught a bit of a cold from the kids, then some late nights and so much exercise; I am so looking forward to tomorrow when I'm out celebrating - yee ha.
Just ordered all our multitude of sleepover guests a stack of pizza, and decided not to partake. I'm going to save myself for a really good dinner tomorrow.
Todays workout was pretty tough with all the pull-ups/push ups. I did get some very positive comments in the gym today which made it all worthwhile.
Can't wait to see what we have in store tomorrow on the exercise front......

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 87

Wow - my muscles are aching from all these reps. Shoulders today was a killer. You've obviously saved the best bits for last Patrick!
I have felt incredibly hungry today - not sure why today especially, but I have had to snack on fruit and crackers to stave of the grumbling tum. Maybe it's my body starting it's countdown to the w/end.
Must go to bed before I have to eat something else.....

Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 85

Fun work out this morning ladies. It goes so much quicker when you chat through the pain!
Had a very active tennis session afterwards - then did the jump rope with the kids. I can now hold a decent conversation about the design of Roman togas, and do a times table test whilst jumping - personally I'm quite proud of this feat.
I then had to make said toga - as my 10 yr old then informed me that her teacher would quite like to see their costumes tomorrow. Just finished, and not a bad job. I bet she doesn't need it tomorrow - know what I mean Maki!
Looking forward to our celebratory dinner on Sunday - then to life there after - post PCP....

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 84


Had a bit of a lapse on Friday night-2 glasses of wine, and boy did I pay for it yesterday. I had a rotten head, and played terrible tennis. I did feel for my partner ( well only a little because it was Darren). Felt kind of rough all day, and now have that NEVER AGAIN feeling that usually follows.
It was a bit stupid with only a week to go, but it was party night and I got carried away. Did the jumps, but saved the work out for today - after 2 hours of tennis. My conscience is slightly eased.

I have come to a point where the jump rope is so easy - I often keep going, but it takes a long time for me to get puffed out. It's certainly a far cry from the 1st week where doing 500 or so seemed daunting! Two sets of 9 mins didn't really affect me at all  - though I'm sure it worked wonders on those remaining stubborn little fat cells.
I have also realised that having little body fat is great for fitting into all m
y old jeans - but I have never felt so cold. All the padding served a purpose in the winter. I had to play tennis this afternoon with 5 layers on -I felt like the Michelin woman, and could hardly bend my arms....

The one thing I'm really looking forward to is my Christmas mince pies. It's a weird Uk thing - along with marmite and weetabix, but I love them, and they can only be eaten at Christmas time. I have to make my own, because anything bought in a packet tastes awful, and I already bought the mince filling in England. That will be a special treat - a nice cup of tea and  a mince pie!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 80

Wow - 10 days to go.  I'm having a last burst of energy at the moment. The 7 min abs were a bit of a killer. I'm aching like crazy now - but feeling tighter and hopefully slightly less baby blubber. It's amazing how after 2 kids it was OK, but the third was too much and it never really sprung back into shape. I may at last venture into my long ignored bikini in Thailand over New Year - or maybe I'll splash out and treat myself to a new one! Can't wait....hopefully I can look as good as dear Helen in her itsy bitsy red number!
Keep it up everyone -the finish line is in sight, and I think we've all done remarkably well considering all the other stuff of life that we all have going on.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 77

Another week gone in a whirl of activity.We went to the Opera yesterday -Rossinis Othello. It wasn't what I expected of opera - all lavish scenery and big divas. This was rather minimalist , and incredibly long. Then a reception afterwards with the artists -so all in all it was about 5 hours. Afterwards I decided it was indulgence time, so we went to a lovely Spanish Tapas restaurant in Hiroo, and ordered all my favourite things plus a glass of wine. It was delicious, though I couldn't eat as much as I thought, and my wine didn't slip down with the ease that it used to. That's a good thing I guess. It was good to go out for dinner and actually not think too much about what to order, but I think, subconsciously I steered clear of the hugely unhealthy options. And no dessert.
 Darren enjoyed it  - he's missed our indulgent nights out, and it was a great stress reliever which he needs right now especially. He was laughing at my new pants which I bought at vast expense in Paris over the summer. They were so big and baggy, and I hadn't even worn them before - what a waste!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 71

Here's my lovely new niece - Jaiya. I could have stayed an extra week just for those new baby cuddles.
Ok - back on track after all the disruptions last week. Had a great tennis session in the sunshine after our work out this morning, and feeling good again. It's hard being away, and not in charge of the kitchen! It gets a bit trying having to explain to people why you can't eat their delicious dinner, and why you're cooking so many eggs.My family have probably never seen me eating an egg, and suddenly I'm having about 6 a day!
Peoples reactions to the PCP were very different. Some were completely dismissive, and a bit sarcastic, others, though were very interested and genuinely impressed. It seemed easier to steer clear of the negative vibes - if only for my own sanity, and so there would be no deliberate testing of my will power. Maybe it caused offence to some -but hey- what can I do?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bit spaced out

Back to Japan after my whirl wind visit to England. I managed most of the workouts and jumping, and also managed not to eat all my favourite things (most of which are very unhealthy). My brother was suitably impressed, especially with how I cleared out their veggie box so quickly!
My new niece is tiny and gorgeous, and I could have stayed longer to get my fill. Spent most of the week shuttling between my sister for baby time, and my Mum who was carted off to hospital on Sat. night. No time for Christmas shopping, or visiting friends. Now I'm exhausted.  I managed to watch 4.5 movies on the plane, then realised I should have slept - ho hum.
I'm a bit vacant today, so have just done the workout for day 69, and now realise it's day 68 - or is it??

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lost count of which day we are on....

At last, a free moment. Greetings from London! Having a bit of a hectic time visiting everyone and doing a multitude of chores. I get so much more done with no children hovering at my feet. My new niece is gorgeous, and just loves her Aunty Jane. She just sleeps on me - but then again I'm not there all night.... But I do have my 6yr old nephew and 2 yr old niece here who cannot resist waking me at the crack of dawn, and then I have to play, play ,play.
I have amazingly had no jet lag, and bounced(kind of) out of bed on Thurs.morning with bundles of energy. I have managed to do most of the exercises, though at odd times of day. The builders next door had a laugh at me doing jump rope in the garden - and it's freezing - and then asked if I make tea as well. They spend most of the day on tea break.
Got a busy schedule up until Wed. when I leave, so no time to linger in yummy cafes and be tempted into wickedness. My kids can't believe I haven't had sausages and bacon and jam dough nuts yet. They are normally 1st on their to do list when they're here. They are enjoying being with Darren, and a relaxation of the healthy eating laws. I gather he made his annual visit to Costco yesterday for muffins , marshmallows (why?) and cheesecake. Yeah for Daddy! Bet he didn't think to get toilet paper or washing powder!
There are still endless firework going off every night. Guy Fawkes night was on Wed. As I write ( it's after midnight) , some kids are letting off rockets outside. They are very pretty, but incredibly loud. It takes me back - bonfires and fire works in the garden.
OK - busy day tomorrow -lots of family coming for a feast. Oh - and the organic eggs taste so much better here.....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 58

Oh dear - time flown by again in a whirr of activity. Halloween was madness, with 100's of kids waiting for treats. Had to lock ourselves in by 7.30 and pretend we were out. I have cleared every edible treat from my house! That's a good thing I guess. 
W/end in Shimoda was perfect. Played for hours on the beach. I managed to keep going for a 2 hour football session - and be the top goal scorer - and not get puffed out from all that running on the sand. It felt great.  Didn't manage my exercise, but I figured all the running made up for it.
Now  it's Tuesday and I have just finished the exercises, in between packing for my trip to England tomorrow. Bands & jump rope are in there so my intentions are honorable, though I may get a little sidetracked during the week. We'll see. 
It's late as usual -off to finish my packing....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 53

Well - a difficult PCP week with kids at home and trips out and about. This W/end will be interesting - we are off to Shimoda to stay with friends who LOVE their food & drink. At least I will be able to work out on the beach.
Have at last managed to get the V- sits, now have to contend with those Kung-fu things.  I managed 2 ..... then had to do some other abs ( more v-sits!) Maybe in 2-3 weeks they will suddenly click?????
Had a hair cut today , so I think that will be my only weight loss this week!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 52 and all's well

Wed. morning, and my throat is raw from all the screaming on Thunder Mountain, and my legs ache from all the queuing. I'm a big wuss when it comes to roller coasters. I can't believe I actually spent 12 whole hours with 4 kids at Disney. Normally I would have lost the plot after 2! It actually turned out to be a great day, though the food on offer was definitely not PCP quality. I watched as everyone devoured greasy slabs of pizza, and made do with a very sad salad with no dressing, and some soggy pasta. I find myself being VERY critical of what everyone is putting in their mouths - a bit like an ex smoker harping on at those who choose to continue the filthy habit!
I  had taken fruit for the kids yesterday, but only managed to get my own to eat it. They have come to realize that Mummy  is not to be messed with when it comes to junk food.
Ahh - sun is shining, the kids had a fantastic day yesterday, everyone's happy, so today must be a good food day for the whole family I think. 
I 'm finding the new timed jumping much easier. I'm doing a lot more jumps, with no problem, and I don't have to count - just set the timer and sing along to the music!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another lapse in blogging. Had a busy weekend which involved entertaining, so I feel I must count it as my indulgence, then I don't have to spend ages deciding what to have. Had a glass of red wine on Sat. and it was enough to give me a buzz, and a slight headache in the morning. No more of that - the after effects are not worth it. The friends we were with were a bit surprised. I used to be able to handle a lot more!
My sweet tooth has disappeared -yipee.... I have no desire for chocolate cake this time round. I hope this lasts for a long time because that was my real weakness, and I don't want to slip back into old habits.
Off to Disney tomorrow with my children , and probably half of Japan. Not my idea of fun, but the things we have to do for our children. I may be a gibbering wreck by tomorrow night......

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Half way!

Well it's been fairly smooth going so far. I've had a few moments over the past few days when I've really felt like eating something indulgent, but have made do with dry crackers! Also had quite a bit of negative comments from mostly women, about why am I bothering when I look fine, and why don't I just come out & have a glass of wine, it must be so boring, etc etc. It's taking some will power to ignore it all. After all we are half way through, and it's gone really quickly - for me anyhow.
Missed my eggs tonight as my lovely Georgie managed to break all of them - mostly on the floor -whilst creating some ginger bread. She did manage to rescue 2 for her baking.  I didn't really miss them, though I know they serve a purpose....
My children demonstrated the v-sits to me tonight. They do them perfectly, and cannot understand why I can't. Me neither.
And so to bed........

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nearly half way -wow

At last - moment to sit and contemplate. Time is flying by, and we're nearly half way through. It really hasn't been so bad. There has been the odd day when I just haven't felt like doing any exercise, but once I start it's fine. For the first time I did my jumps before breakfast this w/end. That doesn't mean I got up early -just we had a very late breakfast! It felt much easier than my usual evening jumping, so I will try harder to get it done in the mornings.
Still finding those v-sits difficult. Munisha seems to have the rhythm, and looks good doing it. I think I need some lessons because  I just end up in a heap, and then have to do some other form of abdominal torture to make up for it. It's my weakest bit I guess.
I became an Aunty again yesterday - my poor sister has at last popped out her little girl. She's been ready to go for 2 weeks. Can't wait to see her in a couple of weeks. The kids are all waiting to go shopping for cute girly stuff for me to take. Not sure how spending a week with my family in the UK is going to go with the PCP. As my darling children keep reminding me - how am I not going to be tempted with all that yummy food.  I'll take my rope & bands with me, and stock up on fruit & veg when I arrive. Give everyone a shock when I turn up loaded with eggs and bananas!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 38 and the going's good -kind of

Thanks for the great class this morning Corry. I can already feel my backside protesting, especially after doing the jumps this evening. Left them a bit late again, as I 've been busy all day, so it's now 11.30pm and I'm done in for the day.  Must go & rest my aching limbs. Actually the bit that really hurts are my ankles. I think jumping on hard surfaces is wearing them down, so I'm in the garden again tomorrow.
And so goodnight....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Monday:)

I quite agree Munisha. I didn't learn anything new about my children after spending 31/2 hrs at conferences today. I did run up & down the stairs about 20 times in the Middle School, so at least I got some exercise! But I too will be back next year, just in case something momentous happens that I don't notice.
Had a frantic search of Monday night Yokohama for bananas and apples, which made Darren laugh. Still, when a banana is the highlight of your dinner it becomes of great importance to have a fresh one! And yes Corry - I didn't think about it too much, but I have never before considered a grilled fish as a treat. How things have changed.
 Did my jump rope around an empty tennis court while everyone played tennis this evening. It was most refreshing,  looking at the moon from various angles, and jumping my way round the court. I think I will do that more often.
Thanks Maki for delivering the new exercise sheets. I did find those wicked kick squat things VERY difficult - major thigh burn!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Small lapse

Had a slight lapse last night as Darren came home relatively early and we all went out to dinner. Haven't seen him all week due to him being completely swamped at work . He was a bit stressed I think. Anyhow, I had grilled fish with Thai spices and veggies, so not too bad. Loved the burning mouth  spicey -ness. It made a wonderful change from my delicious egg whites!
Back on track today, and feeling re energised. Managed to put together some IKEA drawers without cursing, so I must be feeling relaxed....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Have cake and ate it!

Yee Haa I got up this morning & decided to do many things, the first of which was making my cake. So there I was at 9am mixing up a storm in the kitchen. I even finished my curtains while it was baking. Sat down later with a nice cup of tea and a moderate slice and enjoyed it soooo much. Can't believe it took so long to get my act together.
Actually I felt a bit stuffed, but I coped well. Had a game of squash this evening to work it off, and now my legs are a bit sore, but it was great fun.I do love thrashing that little ball round the court!
Late again - ho hum.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Give me cake!

Oh no- it's late again. I can't seem to get to bed early. Darren's not home ( some financial crisis going on ), dog's at my feet after enjoying his egg yolks. Just spent 1 1/2 hours talking to my sister who is about to give birth. It was so funny listening to all her gripes and groans.She was on the couch, with major back ache, eating a piece of cake - which by the way is what I should be doing.
Missed Corry's class this morning because  I was at a class coffee morning & didn't realise how time flies when you're having a good chat.Anyhow, it was good fun, and the cakes looked wonderful, but I'd just eaten my huge breakfast, so wasn't tempted.
Just figured out how to add pictures! This is my lovely Oliver winning the cross country race yesterday  - He's so proud of himself.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Aching legs....

Painful thighs this morning thanks to our new double legs routine. Oh and my tennis session, which was not gentle. Couldn't even do my usual 2 lap run of Negishi with the kids for cross country.
Still can't do those v-sits without crumpling, but we will persevere....
I am now so full of fruit and egg white that I can't sleep, so I'll have to talk to Darren who has just come home!
Can't wait for more fun thigh burn with Corry tomorrow - except I have a class coffee morning first  at one of the major bakers of Yokohamas house - I'm just going to have to eat my big breakfast at the crack of dawn, so I can't fit anything else in.
Still no indulgence - maybe my time has run out??? Didn't have any eggs left yesterday when I felt a baking urge.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

One Month gone...

Oh dear, another weekend gone and I haven't even sat near the computer. It's a fight with all these children claiming priority - mine, and all the waifs and strays who slept over this w/end!
I feel great after the workout this morning, but I think I'm going to have difficulty climbing the stairs tomorrow, with all those lunges and jumps. Just cleaned  my disgusting house (come back Cora....)so that's another workout.
Haven't even had my treat - how sad is that. I didn't get time to make my cake, and now the urge has gone. Maybe later.... oh maybe I'll go & do it right now.
Put on my very old and a bit tight jeans today - and wow - I have  excess fabric on the backside. That made my day - something is working!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Weird super Mum

Missed a few days- not sure why, but I seem to be doing stuff all day, then kids activities, dinner, homework - no time left. I just read Makis post, and weirdly I have become demon Mum in the kitchen. Homemade granola bars, full of natural goodness, lots of veggies and freshly prepared delicacies for dinner, even if I can't eat it myself. It's become a pleasure rather than a chore. My kids think it's great. Even the bars were popular in the lunch boxes.
Also just read the email about having a treat. I haven't really felt like eating anything too gooey, but I might just have to make my fav. chocolate cake tomorrow, and have 1 slice with a cup of tea. Aahh - now that is worth waiting for! Martha Stewart eat your heart out. I'm even making curtains - is this really me????

Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday -again. Time flies!

Funny about the bananas Maki. I was in Homes yesterday and they were flying off the shelves. I grabbed 2 packets and clung on to them. It's amazing how news spreads!
Feeling a bit over fed today. I 'm finding the meat a bit much. Fish goes down much better I think.
I've just had my evening egg white and have the perfect solution for the yolk. My dog - he loves egg yolks, and will now be at my feet begging every night. Better than wasting it I guess. I hope it's good for dogs????
Missed the work out this morning. It's much more fun doing it together. Had Oliver counting my jumps today - he's worse than me. I think I did about 1600, though he insists he was spot on 1050. Who knows!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Sunday

Love my new photo of Helen - boy she looks good. I told my kids I want to be as gorgeous as her when I'm a granny. They didn't quite get me. That is just way too far in their future to envisage, and their granny certainly doesn't look as fit!
1000 jumps was not as bad as I thought. I'm getting in the flow with music and terrible counting...
Just had a delicious roast chicken, cooked with a little olive oil,loads of lemon and herbs. Every morsel was eaten - including piles of veg. and fruit for desert. My kids are certainly full on energy on their new diet. My eldest, who is normally a complete sloth, was even on the running machine, and playing tennis voluntarily today. I think she's getting inspired!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday night again

It's that time of the week when we go out & relax - though the school BBQ was a bit like being under surveillance. We did good Munisha! Chen did seem to pop up a bit too frequently... freaky!
Thank goodness I did all the work out earlier today because I really don't feel up to it right now.
Legs are aching a bit today - think it might be the squash game - and I'm feeling dead tired, when I hoped to be full of beans. This was always my weakest chocolate moment, so I better go to bed before I find another hidden stash.....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thurs - and another week almost done.

I don't seem to have sat down today, and thought much about food. I'm also quite full  -esp.after lunch, that I'm having to force myself to eat the fruit snacks. It's still great not to go to bed feeling overly stuffed! I have been cooking so much fish, which I rarely did before, and have discovered some very delicious sea creatures. I'm still to convince my kids to eat them, though they are getting more curious......
Had a tough game of squash this afternoon, and did something to my foot, so have only managed 500 jumps just now. I think I'll just give myself a forgiving hug and go read a mind improving novel!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 16 and going good....

Great workout yesterday with you ladies. Thanks Corry - you make it look so easy and relaxing!
Haven't really got any strange cravings -I never added much salt to food anyway ( due to my over zealous ,natural food loving mother I think). I feel much better physically for not eating all the sweet goo which I did enjoy. Actually I don't even miss my chocolate any more. I found my secret stash last night - so secret , I'd forgotten where it was! Gave it all to my very grateful children. We all had such a healthy dinner, finished off with a delicious fruit salad,made with many mysterious ingredients. I think they felt they deserved some junk.
 Darren is impressed by my will power - his is  -well zero I guess. He has just left to take part in some charity run in Tokyo mind you, so he needed that extra big breakfast!
Off to play tennis , while the sun still shines.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sunday already!

Had a great dinner in Tokyo last night, during which my self control was stunning!
I did sniff a margarita, but had a delicious prawn salad, and felt quite satisfied. The no carbs in the evening is the hardest. I'm a real bread, pasta you name it gal. And how many restaurants have fresh, unadulterated fruit on the menu???? I'm becoming a very cheap date! No wonder Darren wants to go out so often. Or maybe the whole family needed a blowout meal after another week of Mums healthy cooking...mmmm
Raining again - so off to do my jump rope upstairs

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rainy friday

I think I pulled something in my leg falling over yesterday. Squats are a bit painful today! Maybe I need to go back to bed so my muscles can do a bit more repairing?
I love the breakfast, but it's so much more than I would normally eat - and veg is not what I'm wanting at 8am. Need some inspiration on how to make it appetising at such an early hour....
I've started experimenting with different types of fish. No idea what I bought yesterday, but it was delicious, cooked in lemon & ginger. It wasn't the best though, as it was full of bones ( I hate bones).

Tomorrow is another day....

Oh boy, it's Thurs. night and I've had a really dull day, most of which was spent in the Kanagawa Driving place getting my licence renewed. It's enough to drive you round the bend ....or make you never drive again.
4 hours of mind numbing form filling, watching tear inducing films of bereaved parents who's children had been slaughtered on the road, then hours of lectures from a sad looking man in a brown suit. Obviously I was in the sinners room, for those unlucky to have been stopped for minor offences - and it worked! Even though I can't string a sentence together in Japanese, I got the gist.I was made to feel guilty. I first thought I'd get rid of the car - then saw sense and just drove really really slowly for the rest of the day.
Feeling drained after that, and have little energy for those exercises, which once again I left till evening.Did a different exercise in each of my 3 kid's rooms for entertainment. Bit uncoordinated tonight and tripped over my shoe lace whilst jump roping,and hurt my leg. Gave everyone a laugh!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Still aching!

I seem to have eaten a lot today - esp. breakfast. Normally I grab something while rushing out of the door, but today, what with eggs & stuff I really enjoyed it. May have something to do with the kids being off school. We'll see how calm it is tomorrow morning. Haven't felt hungry at all, or felt full - just right! Apart from the sore bits from yesterdays exercises.... wow, I felt it getting out of bed this morning.
Need to go foraging tomorrow for fish and some different veg. Carrots and green beans are getting a little old, even after such a short time.
Feeling lighter and brighter each day.

Monday, September 15, 2008

midnight skips

Been a bit of a slacker with the old blog - but I don't seem to have sat down this long w/end - apart from a very scrummy dinner out with friends in Tokyo on Saturday. Tried hard not to over
indulge, and I think I did OK, apart from a couple of glasses of wine. However, since I'd had a busy day, and have come to realise (once again), that I truely am not a morning person, I was faced with 700 or so jump ropes at 1am. Darren cheered me on from a deep slumber, but I did it ....
Getting up at 8.15 to rush down to the yoga studio, to repeat the jumping experience was a bit tough. I think I need to rethink!
Bit of an aching body tonight after the first exercises on the bar and with the bands, but feels good to have used some obviously underused areas.
Can't spell any more so that's it.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's a family affair

Saturday already, and I'm feeling great. Maybe it's psychological, but I have much more energy than normal, haven't got mad with the children at all this week, and do not miss my nightly chocolate - so far...
Oliver is especially into the exercise, and is helping me to keep going each day. He claims to have completed the whole weeks exercise this morning - just to show me it's not so bad! What a love.
We are all eating less, and healthier, which has been noticed. They are all eating every morsel too.
Hope we can keep this up for 3 months!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Half a dinner out!

Had such a hectic day yesterday -had very little time even to eat half portions. But the first test of willpower came in the evening. Dinner with friends in Tokyo.It was a  big celebration for Darren with his new job, and hence the food and drink were never ending. As Darren said -normally you'd have 4 glasses of champagne, so I guess 2 is OK!
It was such a great night though, and Darren tried so hard to keep the garlic toast dripping in butter out of reach - thanks D. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Feeling great.....

I seem to have spent a lot of today bumping into people and being told that I don't need to do this - I must be mad. So why am I doing this. Not to lose too much weight, though the muffin top could go with pleasure! I'm doing it because I have been searching for ages for some way to alter my exercise/eating habits,so I can exercise for the pleasure it brings, not because  I ate a load of chocolate the night before and feel like a hog . I was also finding the gym so dull and boring that all I did was watch the clock. There I was this evening, out in the garden with the dog and the mozzies, doing my jump rope with the neighbours having a giggle. So much more fun!
And I have to say even 3 days in I feel so much better not going to bed stuffed with a late dinner, followed by my nightly sweet fest.
I did Corry's class this morning which was such fun. And it was great to see so many ladies in there having a laugh - especially those who have would normally not be seen dead in gym clothes.
You see what you've done to Yokohama ladies Corry!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So far so good!

Left my exercises a bit late due to playing tennis all morning. Jodie and I discussed FOOD after tennis!! My  kids think I'm starving because my plate looked emptier than normal. My lovely Oliver is so happy that mummy wants to look good..... He's going to help me.

And there's gorgeous Helen (though not in her red bikini). I will be in a bikini by the end of this - though probably not in Japan - somewhere tropical...aahhh.
Feeling good, and not too hungry. I think I'll have to go to bed to take my mind off it. Darren did a half portion (or so he claims) of dinner. I can hear him prowling round the fridge. I think he just didn't have 2nds!
Onwards to day 3. And I didn't even have a coffee today...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Wow -day 1 is nearly over. I'm really looking forward the challenge of the next 3 months. I am feeling a little hungry after a day of half my usual gigantic portions! Made the children eat papaya with me- our new family health regime has started. They moaned (I don't like it much either), but it all went down!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

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