Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 84


Had a bit of a lapse on Friday night-2 glasses of wine, and boy did I pay for it yesterday. I had a rotten head, and played terrible tennis. I did feel for my partner ( well only a little because it was Darren). Felt kind of rough all day, and now have that NEVER AGAIN feeling that usually follows.
It was a bit stupid with only a week to go, but it was party night and I got carried away. Did the jumps, but saved the work out for today - after 2 hours of tennis. My conscience is slightly eased.

I have come to a point where the jump rope is so easy - I often keep going, but it takes a long time for me to get puffed out. It's certainly a far cry from the 1st week where doing 500 or so seemed daunting! Two sets of 9 mins didn't really affect me at all  - though I'm sure it worked wonders on those remaining stubborn little fat cells.
I have also realised that having little body fat is great for fitting into all m
y old jeans - but I have never felt so cold. All the padding served a purpose in the winter. I had to play tennis this afternoon with 5 layers on -I felt like the Michelin woman, and could hardly bend my arms....

The one thing I'm really looking forward to is my Christmas mince pies. It's a weird Uk thing - along with marmite and weetabix, but I love them, and they can only be eaten at Christmas time. I have to make my own, because anything bought in a packet tastes awful, and I already bought the mince filling in England. That will be a special treat - a nice cup of tea and  a mince pie!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 80

Wow - 10 days to go.  I'm having a last burst of energy at the moment. The 7 min abs were a bit of a killer. I'm aching like crazy now - but feeling tighter and hopefully slightly less baby blubber. It's amazing how after 2 kids it was OK, but the third was too much and it never really sprung back into shape. I may at last venture into my long ignored bikini in Thailand over New Year - or maybe I'll splash out and treat myself to a new one! Can't wait....hopefully I can look as good as dear Helen in her itsy bitsy red number!
Keep it up everyone -the finish line is in sight, and I think we've all done remarkably well considering all the other stuff of life that we all have going on.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 77

Another week gone in a whirl of activity.We went to the Opera yesterday -Rossinis Othello. It wasn't what I expected of opera - all lavish scenery and big divas. This was rather minimalist , and incredibly long. Then a reception afterwards with the artists -so all in all it was about 5 hours. Afterwards I decided it was indulgence time, so we went to a lovely Spanish Tapas restaurant in Hiroo, and ordered all my favourite things plus a glass of wine. It was delicious, though I couldn't eat as much as I thought, and my wine didn't slip down with the ease that it used to. That's a good thing I guess. It was good to go out for dinner and actually not think too much about what to order, but I think, subconsciously I steered clear of the hugely unhealthy options. And no dessert.
 Darren enjoyed it  - he's missed our indulgent nights out, and it was a great stress reliever which he needs right now especially. He was laughing at my new pants which I bought at vast expense in Paris over the summer. They were so big and baggy, and I hadn't even worn them before - what a waste!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 71

Here's my lovely new niece - Jaiya. I could have stayed an extra week just for those new baby cuddles.
Ok - back on track after all the disruptions last week. Had a great tennis session in the sunshine after our work out this morning, and feeling good again. It's hard being away, and not in charge of the kitchen! It gets a bit trying having to explain to people why you can't eat their delicious dinner, and why you're cooking so many eggs.My family have probably never seen me eating an egg, and suddenly I'm having about 6 a day!
Peoples reactions to the PCP were very different. Some were completely dismissive, and a bit sarcastic, others, though were very interested and genuinely impressed. It seemed easier to steer clear of the negative vibes - if only for my own sanity, and so there would be no deliberate testing of my will power. Maybe it caused offence to some -but hey- what can I do?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bit spaced out

Back to Japan after my whirl wind visit to England. I managed most of the workouts and jumping, and also managed not to eat all my favourite things (most of which are very unhealthy). My brother was suitably impressed, especially with how I cleared out their veggie box so quickly!
My new niece is tiny and gorgeous, and I could have stayed longer to get my fill. Spent most of the week shuttling between my sister for baby time, and my Mum who was carted off to hospital on Sat. night. No time for Christmas shopping, or visiting friends. Now I'm exhausted.  I managed to watch 4.5 movies on the plane, then realised I should have slept - ho hum.
I'm a bit vacant today, so have just done the workout for day 69, and now realise it's day 68 - or is it??

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lost count of which day we are on....

At last, a free moment. Greetings from London! Having a bit of a hectic time visiting everyone and doing a multitude of chores. I get so much more done with no children hovering at my feet. My new niece is gorgeous, and just loves her Aunty Jane. She just sleeps on me - but then again I'm not there all night.... But I do have my 6yr old nephew and 2 yr old niece here who cannot resist waking me at the crack of dawn, and then I have to play, play ,play.
I have amazingly had no jet lag, and bounced(kind of) out of bed on Thurs.morning with bundles of energy. I have managed to do most of the exercises, though at odd times of day. The builders next door had a laugh at me doing jump rope in the garden - and it's freezing - and then asked if I make tea as well. They spend most of the day on tea break.
Got a busy schedule up until Wed. when I leave, so no time to linger in yummy cafes and be tempted into wickedness. My kids can't believe I haven't had sausages and bacon and jam dough nuts yet. They are normally 1st on their to do list when they're here. They are enjoying being with Darren, and a relaxation of the healthy eating laws. I gather he made his annual visit to Costco yesterday for muffins , marshmallows (why?) and cheesecake. Yeah for Daddy! Bet he didn't think to get toilet paper or washing powder!
There are still endless firework going off every night. Guy Fawkes night was on Wed. As I write ( it's after midnight) , some kids are letting off rockets outside. They are very pretty, but incredibly loud. It takes me back - bonfires and fire works in the garden.
OK - busy day tomorrow -lots of family coming for a feast. Oh - and the organic eggs taste so much better here.....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 58

Oh dear - time flown by again in a whirr of activity. Halloween was madness, with 100's of kids waiting for treats. Had to lock ourselves in by 7.30 and pretend we were out. I have cleared every edible treat from my house! That's a good thing I guess. 
W/end in Shimoda was perfect. Played for hours on the beach. I managed to keep going for a 2 hour football session - and be the top goal scorer - and not get puffed out from all that running on the sand. It felt great.  Didn't manage my exercise, but I figured all the running made up for it.
Now  it's Tuesday and I have just finished the exercises, in between packing for my trip to England tomorrow. Bands & jump rope are in there so my intentions are honorable, though I may get a little sidetracked during the week. We'll see. 
It's late as usual -off to finish my packing....