Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 84


Had a bit of a lapse on Friday night-2 glasses of wine, and boy did I pay for it yesterday. I had a rotten head, and played terrible tennis. I did feel for my partner ( well only a little because it was Darren). Felt kind of rough all day, and now have that NEVER AGAIN feeling that usually follows.
It was a bit stupid with only a week to go, but it was party night and I got carried away. Did the jumps, but saved the work out for today - after 2 hours of tennis. My conscience is slightly eased.

I have come to a point where the jump rope is so easy - I often keep going, but it takes a long time for me to get puffed out. It's certainly a far cry from the 1st week where doing 500 or so seemed daunting! Two sets of 9 mins didn't really affect me at all  - though I'm sure it worked wonders on those remaining stubborn little fat cells.
I have also realised that having little body fat is great for fitting into all m
y old jeans - but I have never felt so cold. All the padding served a purpose in the winter. I had to play tennis this afternoon with 5 layers on -I felt like the Michelin woman, and could hardly bend my arms....

The one thing I'm really looking forward to is my Christmas mince pies. It's a weird Uk thing - along with marmite and weetabix, but I love them, and they can only be eaten at Christmas time. I have to make my own, because anything bought in a packet tastes awful, and I already bought the mince filling in England. That will be a special treat - a nice cup of tea and  a mince pie!

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Patrick said...

Ah the cold! I'm feeling the same way Jane, this being my first winter with low body fat. When I lived in England I never understood the Mince Pie thing. I hope your post PCP palette doesn't make them taste weird!