Saturday, December 13, 2008

1 week post PCP.....

Well one week post PCP and I can't bring myself to eat all the junk that I used to, and I also can't get out of the jump rope habit!My day is not complete without a spot of jumping. Actually it feels good to be doing it for enjoyment, rather than feeling I have to. 
I am really enjoying my new toned and fit self. I can slip easily into all my old old clothes, and have bags of energy, which is just as well , since tomorrow morning I have a 12 hr flight to UK with 3 kids. I've been a mad baker this week, with all the Christmas parties. The first thing I made was my yummy mince pies, which were so good and really get me into the mood for Christmas. 
I have many plans for 2009 -running with Jodi perhaps, yoga, and to keep going with the healthy PCP food for the whole family. It really has done everyone a lot of good to focus on what we eat, and to eat mainly fresh produce - less packets of stuff. I'm still eating my egg & veggies for breakfast, even though my kids insist that I don't need to now. I actually like it!
My last day photos amazed me, mainly because I don't spend much time looking at myself in the mirror, especially my back. I wouldn't recognize me from behind!
So thank you Patrick - it worked on me. And the other Hamamamas are all looking great. I hope we can all keep going with our new lifestyles - after enjoying a fantastic Christmas and New Year of course.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Can't believe it's over. It seemed a bit daunting back in September, but it has become part of life - all those exercises and healthy food. I don't think I can give it up . It's been great doing it with Maki and Munisha. We've all done really amazing things to our bodies. Walking behind you girls on the way to school, you both look gorgeous. It's only when I see how someone else has changed so much that I can see it in myself too. I see myself too often to really notice the change! 
And thank you Corry for all your encouragement. You were the inspiration to start with, and your Wed. class has been loads of fun ( and a little pain).I hope we've been good PCP pupils for you!
Had a lovely dinner last night in Tokyo with Darren and my 3 very hungry children. They expected me to go mad I think - but I couldn't make it to dessert, and felt way to full with what I did manage. The glass (1) of Champagne went  down a treat though!
Off to do some jump rope now !

Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 89- one more day!

I am feeling very tired this week - caught a bit of a cold from the kids, then some late nights and so much exercise; I am so looking forward to tomorrow when I'm out celebrating - yee ha.
Just ordered all our multitude of sleepover guests a stack of pizza, and decided not to partake. I'm going to save myself for a really good dinner tomorrow.
Todays workout was pretty tough with all the pull-ups/push ups. I did get some very positive comments in the gym today which made it all worthwhile.
Can't wait to see what we have in store tomorrow on the exercise front......

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 87

Wow - my muscles are aching from all these reps. Shoulders today was a killer. You've obviously saved the best bits for last Patrick!
I have felt incredibly hungry today - not sure why today especially, but I have had to snack on fruit and crackers to stave of the grumbling tum. Maybe it's my body starting it's countdown to the w/end.
Must go to bed before I have to eat something else.....

Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 85

Fun work out this morning ladies. It goes so much quicker when you chat through the pain!
Had a very active tennis session afterwards - then did the jump rope with the kids. I can now hold a decent conversation about the design of Roman togas, and do a times table test whilst jumping - personally I'm quite proud of this feat.
I then had to make said toga - as my 10 yr old then informed me that her teacher would quite like to see their costumes tomorrow. Just finished, and not a bad job. I bet she doesn't need it tomorrow - know what I mean Maki!
Looking forward to our celebratory dinner on Sunday - then to life there after - post PCP....