Saturday, December 13, 2008

1 week post PCP.....

Well one week post PCP and I can't bring myself to eat all the junk that I used to, and I also can't get out of the jump rope habit!My day is not complete without a spot of jumping. Actually it feels good to be doing it for enjoyment, rather than feeling I have to. 
I am really enjoying my new toned and fit self. I can slip easily into all my old old clothes, and have bags of energy, which is just as well , since tomorrow morning I have a 12 hr flight to UK with 3 kids. I've been a mad baker this week, with all the Christmas parties. The first thing I made was my yummy mince pies, which were so good and really get me into the mood for Christmas. 
I have many plans for 2009 -running with Jodi perhaps, yoga, and to keep going with the healthy PCP food for the whole family. It really has done everyone a lot of good to focus on what we eat, and to eat mainly fresh produce - less packets of stuff. I'm still eating my egg & veggies for breakfast, even though my kids insist that I don't need to now. I actually like it!
My last day photos amazed me, mainly because I don't spend much time looking at myself in the mirror, especially my back. I wouldn't recognize me from behind!
So thank you Patrick - it worked on me. And the other Hamamamas are all looking great. I hope we can all keep going with our new lifestyles - after enjoying a fantastic Christmas and New Year of course.


Corry said...

LOVE it! Look at those amazing muscles on you. Way to go. So happy for you Jane, life is great and to enjoy it with a strong and healthy body is even greater. Have a terrific time in the UK and a very Merry Christmas!

Patrick said...

Jane you look so freakin awesome. 20 year olds would be jealous of your body.