Saturday, December 6, 2008


Can't believe it's over. It seemed a bit daunting back in September, but it has become part of life - all those exercises and healthy food. I don't think I can give it up . It's been great doing it with Maki and Munisha. We've all done really amazing things to our bodies. Walking behind you girls on the way to school, you both look gorgeous. It's only when I see how someone else has changed so much that I can see it in myself too. I see myself too often to really notice the change! 
And thank you Corry for all your encouragement. You were the inspiration to start with, and your Wed. class has been loads of fun ( and a little pain).I hope we've been good PCP pupils for you!
Had a lovely dinner last night in Tokyo with Darren and my 3 very hungry children. They expected me to go mad I think - but I couldn't make it to dessert, and felt way to full with what I did manage. The glass (1) of Champagne went  down a treat though!
Off to do some jump rope now !

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Nate said...

Awesome work Jane! I wish I had had the time to follow yours (and the other girls ) blogs closer but it seems you did a great job and rocked the PCP. Keep up the great work and It's so great to know our numbers have grown and you have enjoyed this project as much as possible. Great work it's very inspiring.